An Adventure Begins..

Welcome, to the tastiest and healthiest adventure yet….The Taste Bunny 🙂

I’m Sheila Williams, photographer and food blogger currently living in Las Vegas. Also, a Mama of 4 and Wife to the most supportive Husband. The motivation behind The Taste Bunny, is a new found love for food that is healthy, yet full of flavor. I love helping people that are wanting to adapt a lifestyle change, but don’t know where to begin or how to maintain. Over time, I have found that having balance and building a better relationship with food is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Here at The Taste Bunny, I share simple recipes that are healthy and never boring. I also love to explore different cities for restaurants that use Organic ingredients, humanely raised meats & offer options for all lifestyles.

I am here to show you that you can eat nourishing foods at home, while dining out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Balance is the key!

Make sure to follow @thetastebunny on Instagram, to keep up with all of my tasty adventures 🙂


Sheila Williams

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