Food Hall at Crockett Row

Fort Worth received it’s own Food Hall in December, featuring several restaurants and I’ve already visited several times. The food keeps bringing me back for more! I’d love to be able to try all of the restaurants in one setting, but let’s be honest. My stomach wouldn’t allow it. So each trip, I pick the next place I was eyeing. Such a cool spot to visit with friends and everyone has plenty of choices.

My 1st visit was during their soft opening. I circled around to see which restaurants were open and found The Dock. As soon as I saw Connecticut Lobster Roll on the menu, I looked no further. I’ve never had a Lobster Roll before and it was everything I imagined it would be. I chose to have it warm. You can have a cold version that is dressed with mayo. I think having it warm enhances the flavors of the butter & garlic. It was paired with their sweet house pickles that were to die for.  Seriously, a must try! Writing this post is making me extremely hungry. Be right back…..

Connecticut Lobster Roll at The Dock

My 2nd visit, I came in for dessert. They have plenty of sweet eateries from Press Waffle Co, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Val’s Cheesecakes to R&B Açaí bowls. I stumbled across The Butler’s Cabinet, which is a coffee/deli/market. They recently added pastries to their menu and I immediately was drawn to the over-sized Raspberry Macaroon. It was almost too pretty to eat! I said almost. The macaroon was crispy on the outside & filled with creamy vanilla buttercream. The real treat was when I reached the center to the raspberry jam. Oh Sweet Joy! What I love most about macaroons is that they are Gluten-Free. What’s not love about that?

Raspberry Macaroon (gluten-free)

Abe Froman makes the most unique pizzas, hands down. From calzones to sausage stuffed crust pizza, your taste buds are going to be buzzing from all of the flavors. I had the “B Henry” pizza during a lunch with my blogger friend. I easily could have shared, but this pizza and I were having a moment. In other words, I ate it ALL. Made with garlic cream sauce, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, bacon jam, arugula and garlic aioli. The sweetness & crunch from the bacon jam was out of this world. This speaks volumes considering I don’t eat bacon very often. It complimented the cheese and garlic aioli perfectly.

The B Henry: garlic cream sauce, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, bacon jam, arugula and garlic aoili
The B Henry at Abe Froman of Fort Worth

When Val’s Cheesecakes opened their stand, I quickly came for a visit to try their Vegan Cheesecake. Can I just tell you it was heavenly? I haven’t been able to enjoy cheesecake in years, since I am lactose intolerant. This Vegan Dream (that’s what I named it) is completely dairy free & delicious! The crust is made with pecans, dates and oatmeal. Filling made with soaked cashews, agave, chia seeds, vanilla extract & spices. I topped it with strawberry preserve and pecans.

Vegan Dream Cheesecake at Val’s Cheesecakes

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