Local Foods Kitchen

Summer days call for ice cold cocktails & organic food that is just as refreshing. Local Foods Kitchen brings more to the table than just a delicious meal. Here you’ll find a “feels like home” atmosphere. Lush greenery and an herb garden surrounding the outdoor patio. A long, rustic dining table fit for a large family at Thanksgiving dinner. The chef/owner Katie has created a space where dinner parties are held, families come together, & gourmet food is enjoyed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie & the Blue Bird Creative team during my visit for lunch. Such sweet and welcoming people! Voted the “Healthiest Restaurant” of Fort Worth, I couldn’t wait to see what this place had to offer. I started with the all time favorite “Hippie Crunch” sandwich, which lived up to it’s name with every bite of crunch. It was generously layered with cucumber, sprouts, tomato, guacamole, hummus, sweet potato, greens & crispy friend onions. Verdict: Scrumptious!

Hippie Crunch Sandwich

A new line of Summer drinks were recently added to the menu & I was one of the first people to try them out. Oh yea! My favorite was the Aperol Spritz. It had the right amount of sweetness & bubbly. Mmmm

Summer Cocktails with berries
Pomegranate + Topo Chico
The Taste Bunny. Photo taken by the Blue Bird Creative

Loved this simple, yet oh so tasteful chicken and salad combo. The kabob had Mediterranean spices and paired perfectly with the tzatziki sauce. The mint salad was the biggest surprise for me. I’m not a big fan of mint, but it was so good in the salad. I love when that happens. That’s why I love to try everything, at least once!

Chicken Kabob + Edamame Mint Salad

I took home this Power Salad & Lemon Shrimp to have for dinner later that evening. It was amazing! Not only was it one of the most “beautiful” salads I’ve ever eaten, but also naturally flavorful and healthy. It had walnuts, edamame, broccoli, carrots, spring greens, cranberries, shrimp, onions, sunflower seeds, sweet potato & raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I will definitely come back again to try more items on the menu. I loved it and felt great afterwards. Healthy tastes just as good as it feels!

Power Salad + Lemon Herb Shrimp

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