Hey! I’m Sheila Williams, photographer & food blogger currently living in Vegas. I’m a Mama of 4 & Wife to a supportive Husband that is there every step of the way. Life can be busy as heck and I owe being able to balance it to my morning cups of coffee, nourishing foods, yoga and a passion for living fully.

My new found love for food that is healthy, yet full of flavor was the biggest motivator to starting this blog. I also love helping people that are wanting to adapt a lifestyle change, but don’t know where to begin or how to maintain. Over the years, I found that creating balance and building a better relationship with food is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I love to share simple recipes and healthier dining options, while encouraging balanced eating. Life should be without restrictions & dieting. I am here to show you that you can eat nourishing foods at home, dine out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be simple with balance.

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Sheila Williams